Refinish Your Hardwood Floors

Dated: April 14 2020

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Did you buy an older home that had a welcome surprise under a layer of thick carpeting? Or are the floors beautiful hardwood that has been worn from daily use? Either way, you can give your hardwood floors a whole new life with a little care. Whether you're moving in to a new home, or about to sell, the following ideas can help you refinish your hardwood floors and make them shine.


You can refinish your hardwood floors yourself, but this can be hard and messy work. It's also very heavy work. Although you can rent a floor sander from any number of home improvement stores, the machine can weigh upward of 100 pounds. Its whirling motion can make it difficult to maintain your grip as you use it. After wrangling with the equipment, you’ll have to get ready for some heaving sanding work. Consider also the added coats of polyurethane. If you still want to tackle this work yourself, read everything you can about the process.

Sanding and Coating

The sanding and coating process depends on the exact materials of your hardwood flooring. Older floors may require a little more sanding to remove scratches, stains and other blemishes, but you may not be able to finish newer wood floors the same way. Engineered hardwood floors, for example, cannot be sanded, but you may be able to buff and reseal them.

Hire a Professional

If you're uncertain about your starting point or you simply don't want to handle this massive task on your own, then call a professional. You'll certainly feel much better about the job if it is in the hands of an expert. They can evaluate your floors, offer advice and complete all of the work to ensure that your hardwood floors are as beautiful today as the day they were installed.

Care and Maintenance

Once your hardwood floors have been refinished, you need to maintain and care for the flooring regularly. Wait until they are completely cured before you begin a cleaning routine. Regularly dry dust the floors and avoid using water and soap not intended for hardwood floors. Some people swear by natural vinegar-based cleaners and others prefer soaps made specifically for hardwood flooring. If there is a spill, clean it immediately to prevent damage.

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